Dallas Green Building Residential Program

The Dallas Green Building Program incorporates the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IEEC) and it has specific requirements for documentation to prove compliance. The City of Dallas requires that an Energy report be generated to create a digital profile of the property.

That report will specify the energy components used in the project. Only newly installed components must comply with the 2009 IECC requirements.

The software to generate these reports is available free online at the following links or A Closer Look Inspection Service can generate the report for a fee. The report must be generated at the Plan Review phase before construction can begin. If you submit your own report, it will be reviewed and any reports that are improperly generated will be rejected.

There will be a $25 fee applied for each rejected report with comments to assist in making the report comply. An accurate report must be generated before the next affidavit is generated. The following links will take you to websites that you can use to generate your Energy Report and are free.

Residential IC3 Software

The property must then be inspected after the insulation is installed and before the sheet rock is installed. All energy components will be inspected at that time. If blown in attic insulation is installed, then a second inspection will be necessary when that component is installed. The City of Dallas is currently on a modified version of the 2006 IECC for residential construction.


Residential water conservation requirements are established with the Single Family or Duplex Checklist. Any are where there is construction activity, then 4 of 6 requirements must be followed. Two of those 6 options is the use of an Energy Star Dishwasher and/or Clothes Washer which has to be installed at the time of inspection to be available for compliance.

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